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Paint Correction

Machine polishing is an effective way of removing swirl marks and fine scratches from paintwork to restore the cars former glory. Hand car washes, automatic car washes, dirty sponges and chamois leathers are the main causes of these defects to paintwork. These are the main causes of swirls and fine scratches on the paintwork of cars and SUV's

  • Pressure wash car to ensure that the paintwork is clean for polishing

  • Clay bar paintwork to remove contaminants

  • Mask up car with high quality low adhesive tape to protect plastics and vinyl

  • Machine polish car using correct compound and electric buffing machine

  • Deep cleanse body work to remove any excess compound

  • Apply a layer of High Definition Wax to Vehicle

  • Wheels/rubbers and plastics cleaned and dressed, windows polished

The Platinum Plus exterior detail is a full day job which involves a two-stage machine polish. Prices start from £200. Please see the Services page for further details.